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Swarm Pickup

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:37 pm
by kristinahoney
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I will come pick up a swarm of bees and give them a happy, healthy home for free. Please don't disturb them and they won't bother you. They are just looking for a new home, which I am happy to give them. Don't delay, however, because they will be actively sending out scouts, and when they decide on a place, off they go! You don't want that to be your soffit, chimney, or barbecue grill.
Do you have a swarm? It will look like a bunch of bees massed together ranging from the size of a soccer ball to a 5 gallon bucket. They usually hang on a tree branch, but may hang on a traffic light, fence, or car. They are NOT coming and going from a hole in something like a tree or soffit. That's an established hive. They are NOT in a gray papery blob. Those are bald-faced hornets. They are NOT living in a hole in the ground. Those are yellow-jackets or maybe bumble bees if they're fuzzy.
The best, fastest way to contact me is by text. Second is a phone call. Email is too slow.
Let's give those bees a home!
Kristina Williams
Beehave LLC, mentoring and support for bees and their keepers
Boulder CO