Bees and Hive Equipment

Bee stuff for sale, locations, help wanted, etc.
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Bees and Hive Equipment

Post by sunigam » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:25 pm

<t>I have the following for sale;<br/>
1. One Nuc that has a walk away split colony that has a queen currently producing brood; larvae and eggs. The split was derived the first weekend of May from a 2 year old colony that has been treated for mites over that time span with Apiguard and MAQS. $190 for bees and Nuc box, $180 for bees.<br/>
2. One swarm caught from an established hive on May 12th. The parental colony has been treated for the 2 years for mites with Apiguard and MAQS. The honey bee colony was placed into an 8 frame deep, the second deep with frames with foundation placed onto the hive May 21st, followed by placement of a super on May 31st. $350 for bottom board, 2 hive deeps, Frames (bees), inner cover, and hive cover.</t>

contact me at

Update to this post on June 4, 2019. One more walk away split available and one swarm caught on Monday, June 3rd. Both swarms were not caught using the BCBA swarm hot-line but through private contacts.

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