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Single Deep Langstroth hives for Sale

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:50 am
by Beesformeplease
I am begining to downsize my beekeeping operation in Southern Colorado. I will be offering 200 single deep hives for sale begining on May 11th. They will have 9 frames of bees brood and honey. Ready to make your honey crop. All will be 1st and 2nd year queens of my own breed (Grampas ol School survivors) The hives are standard size and will come with a bottome board and lmigritory style lid (Non-telescopic). Both lid and bottom board can be replaced with any ten frame equipment. Why 9 frames? Usually by this time of year the bees are large enough and heavy enough the 10 frames make the hive too hard to manipulate. Delivery may be arranged for orders more than 25 otherwise this would be pick-up only, in which case you can pick your hive, look at it, inspect it ect, before you buy it.
I have ran bees for my whole life, as did my uncle, grandfather, and his father. I'll always have bees but the business is getting in the way of raising my children.
If interested please send a current email to
Everything will be first come first serve, I will contact you with detailed instructions
$205 for full hive, 9 frames boiling with bees.
$23/frame discount for unfull frames in the hive ( ie 8 frames for brood and bees and one empty frame 182ect)
I will also have some 4 frame nucs for sale, $92