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Spring 2018 Hive Tours

Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 9:53 pm
by kristinahoney
Hello BCBA Members!
We're putting together two spring hive tours. One is for this weekend, Sunday 6 May and will focus on newly installed packages. The second will be Saturday 19 May and will focus on overwintered hives. This is an exclusive BCBA members only event.
We're looking for several apiaries to visit for each tour. We'll gather at one, then go as a group to the others. We'll do hive inspections on 1-2 hives at each stop, talk about what we see (or don't), what's working well, and what the next steps might be based on the bees and what their keepers want from them. We'll do mite tests and discuss options for treatment, answer questions to best of our ability, demonstrate lighting a smoker, how to move around bees, what to look for during a hive inspection, and when it's time to close up a hive. This should be informative and fun for everyone of any level.

We won't rap your knuckles with a hive tool if your frames aren't spaced perfectly or if your smoker goes out. This is a great way to get to know other beekeepers in your area, share triumphs and things you'll do better next time.

Everyone must wear a veil. You can bring whatever other protective gear makes you comfortable. Bring your smoker if you want to practice lighting it with the group. You'll be asked to sign a liability waiver. Bring a camera, notepad, whatever you want for taking notes. Water.

So, if you'd like your apiary to be on the tour, and/or you're interested in attending, please contact our hive tour organizer, Don Murray,

Again, this is a members only event, but, if you have friends who'd like to participate, our tour leaders will be happy to sign them up as new members. Hope you can make it to one or both!
Kristina Williams
BCBA President

Re: Spring 2018 Hive Tours

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:25 pm
by kristinahoney
The tour tomorrow will start at 9 am at Leslie Ratica's hives at 4740 Shoup Place, Boulder. Looks like the weather should be perfect. Here are the stops:

Leslie Ratica - 4740 Shoup Place, Boulder, 80303
Engrid Winslow - 5539 Niwot Rd, Longmont
Joanne Keys - 2861 N. Lakeridge Trail, Boulder, 80302

Please don't show up at these places without the group, it's not a drop in whenever event. However, if you get a late start, you can text or call me to see where we are and join the group.
I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Kristina Williams
BCBA President