Senior managers from Bayer investigated in Turin, Italy

Things are heating up in Europe over pesticides. These are the same products which continue to be such a mystery to the EPA. This from Graham White this afternoon.

Please see this article from Italy’s national newspaper LaStampa. A Turin magistrate has had senior managers from Bayer and Syngenta charged with spreading chemicals (Clothianidin) that kill bees – on the grounds that this threatens the national economy of Italy. He has already ruled that they are ‘culpable’ – i.e. they have to answer the charges. If they are convicted they would face one to five years imprisonment. The issue has arisen because Clothianidin was banned for use on planting maize seed back in 2008 – but the ban expires on October 31st. Italian beekeepers are mobilising to get the ban renewed and extended. I think they will succeed. At the same time – America has planted 92 million acres of Clothianidin treated corn in just one year – 2010.



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