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Seeds That Poison

This video, Seeds That Poison, by Beyond Pesticides is only five minutes long and hits almost every aspect of the neonicotinoid controversy. It should be shared widely with others.

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USDA whistleblower Dr. Jonathan Lundgren interviewed on Beekeeping Today

Here is Dr. Jonathan Lundgren interviewed by Jeff Ott and Kim Flottum on the Beekeeping Today Podcast about Regenerative Agriculture and Honey Bee Health. Dr. Lundgren left the USDA because his research on neonicotinoids and modern agriculture was being stifled. … Continue reading

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A Bug’s Death

On a cold winter day this past week I was in my Honey House doing a run of hand dipped beeswax candles. In the background I could hear the radio, tuned to the Public Radio station. Because I was an … Continue reading

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Massive insect decline

Below you will find links to a very significant paper on the massive decline of insect life. You can read this news report, Massive insect decline could have catastrophic environmental impact, for a condensed explanation of the paper.  For those … Continue reading

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Discussion livens as colony losses are revealed

As commercial beekeepers begin moving their colonies into the almonds in California, high colony losses are being revealed and the discussion as to the causes has livened. The corporate story is that the primary cause is the varroa mites, but … Continue reading

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