Bee deaths prompt insecticide re-evaluation

This Friday (July 20th) I am co-hosting a 30 minute program on The Organic View Radio Show. June Stoyer and I will interview John Van Alten, President of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association, about the bee kills in Ontario and Quebec and the review of several neonicotinoids by Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, their EPA. This came as a result of a Better Farming article, Bee deaths prompt insecticide re-evaluation. This is a call in program so you can do more than just listen if you wish. The program starts at 2:00 Colorado time. It will available later as a pod cast too.

UPDATE, July 20th, 10:15 am:

Change of plans. We weren’t able to finalize the details with John Van Alten, President of the Ontario Beekeepers, for this afternoon’s interview, but have an even more timely interview. We will have Steve Ellis, longtime Minnesota commercial beekeeper and secretary of the National Honey Bee Advisory Board. The subject will be the decision yesterday by the EPA to deny the legal petition filed in April calling for removal of clothianidin from the market. This should be an interesting, informative, and perhaps explosive interview. For those of you unable to listen live, it will be available as a podcast later. Today (Friday) 2:00 P.M. Colorado time, Connect a little ahead of time. See you on the radio.

Steve Ellis Talks About The EPA’s Decision To Reject Legal Petition On “The Neonicotinoid View

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