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by Randy Rutherford
Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:45 pm
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Topic: Moving: Free Colonies
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Moving: Free Colonies

Hi All - We're moving later this fall, and I'm looking for a good place for my two colonies to land. I started beekeeping last spring with a package and a single langstroth hive. Made it through the winter with a strong colony that swarmed in early spring. We caught the swarm and started a second co...
by Randy Rutherford
Mon May 02, 2016 5:29 pm
Forum: Beekeeping
Topic: 2nd swarm in 10 days
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2nd swarm in 10 days

Hi all, My hive swarmed 4/22. I caught it (with queen) and started a new hive. The original hive swarmed again today and is hanging out in my neighbor's tree again. Is it likely there is a new virgin queen with this swarm? Would a swarm leave without a queen? If I put this swarm back into the origin...