Mushrooms will save the bee's! :D

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Mushrooms will save the bee's! :D

Post by BeezNutz » Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:22 pm

I'm new to beekeeping but I'm an aspiring mycologist and I was curious if anyone has tried to grow mycelium for their bee's? According to Paul Stamets, one of the reasons that bee's are dying is because they don't have any way to defend from pathogens because of the lack of fungi in the soil. The mycelium that the bee's eat is like a medicine(just like it is for us) and because things like pesticides kill beneficial fungi and because of deforestation they is much less medicine for the bee's which means they can't fight off pathogens.

Check it out: ... -bioneers/

I'd love to hear what you guys think! Thanks!

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Re: Mushrooms will save the bee's! :D

Post by Backyard Bees » Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:44 pm

This is a new one!

The only thing I can really contribute to this is that the same pesticides that are known to harm bees also harm the soil dwellers (earthworms and such).
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