Adventures in bee keeping - bears! bees! honey!

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Adventures in bee keeping - bears! bees! honey!

Post by dhopkins91 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:41 am

uh oh..
woke up this morning to the hives all taken apart and the bees going crazy. We speculated on bear, or racoon? how did a bear get in, around the big fence? (was the front door unlocked?) The speculation ended when we went to figure out what to do, and found a huge pile of bear scat.

I put the hive together as best I could. the ladies were way too concerned to mess with me. Way too much activity for me to try to observe if the queen was around, if there was brood (well some frames i put back in had some exposed grubs).. there is honey left, but everything was scattered. I have no idea if a healthy hive can survive this kind of chaos. Especially in October.. I have some reading to do.

guess that is one way to get rid of 40,000 bees. :(

what now?

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