Mosquito spraying and how to protect my hives

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Mosquito spraying and how to protect my hives

Post by danalion » Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:49 pm

I am on the call list if there is to be spraying in my area. I was just informed that there will be spraying about 1/4 mile from me throughout Erie. I called Colorado mosquito control and was told that they will be ground spraying, and if they are lucky the special sized drops of pyrethrum based insecticide will only go 300 ft and that the size is so that the drops only kill mosquitos.

This all seems very theoretical as to the no harm to my bees. I found information on the state of NC site that recommends I close my hives and cover them for two 2 days. ... quito.html

This alo seems unrealistic. Is there any advice anyone can give with supporting documentation. The spraying is at night, but will there be dangerous residual tomorrow during the day? I know the spray area is one that my bees use for forage.



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