Beekeeping Vintage Paper

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Laura Tyler
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Beekeeping Vintage Paper

Post by Laura Tyler » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:51 am

Beekeepers, this came to us via the BCBA website. I know nothing about the seller but thought it sounded intriguing. See address below to reach out:
I am closing down over the next year and am reaching out to former Customers first...

I am a longtime Vintage Paper Dealer who has been selling to Corporations, Museums and Private Collectors for three decades. My Customers have bought for their Archives, framed for Offices and Factories and/or sold at Fairs and Trade Shows.
I have come across a large collection of Beekeeping Related Paper..... advertising, articles,illustrations etc from all eras and publications going back to the early 1900's.

Because I am visually limited and typing is time consuming, I have always sent my items on approval. It saves me time and you get to see the actual material...condition etc....before deciding to buy.

Prices are now lowered to $4 or less each as I am getting ready to retire next year....and I offer a generous Lot Price should you decide to keep everything.I will send you a selection to look me if there are any questions or simply pay with a mailed check to address below or Paypal to my email address. Then, if you so choose, I will send more. {I do not ask for returns unless I have another customer for your subject.} I find that most people are honest so this has worked well for over thirty years.

Let me know ASAP as I am sending new orders out this coming week. Do not forget the mailing address you wish me to use. I look forward to doing business with you....and feel free to pass this on.


Sandra Baker

15 Elm St

Searsport, Maine


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