Hives and Equipment for Sale

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Hives and Equipment for Sale

Post by kristinahoney » Wed May 29, 2019 5:47 pm

Hi, one of our members Remsen Voorhis asked me to post this. These are overwintered hives that made lots of honey last year. Please respond to him directly at his email address below. Thanks!
Kristina, This is the list of hives and equipment that I have to offer for sale. I am offering this due to family medical situation that prevents me from taking proper care of the hives.

I have the following:
2 active hives (recently treated for mites). They are ten frame large brood (double) with currently 1 super each.
6 or 7 additional supers (medium and small)
2 queen excluders (metal)
2 bee escapes
Dadant bee suit (large)
miscellaneous other as inner covers, spacers, extra frames, foundation (new), hive tool, bee brush, etc.

Asking $675 for everything. Or $300 for each hive and some of the supers. The bee suit, brush, etc would be an separate if two people wanted just one hive. I am not interested in selling only one hive but need to let both go. Contact me at
Thank you, Remsen Voorhis

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