Bees and Supplies 2021

Bee stuff for sale, locations, help wanted, etc.
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Bees and Supplies 2021

Post by kristinahoney » Tue Feb 02, 2021 3:12 pm

This year, for obvious reasons, I won't be inviting suppliers to a big meeting where we can all interact. Nevertheless, beekeeping goes on!

As I receive announcements of bees for sale, I'll forward them to the list serv and post them here.
BCBA does not do a group order of either bees or supplies.

In addition, CSBA is posting statewide listings on their webpage: ... -get-bees/

Here are places to buy equipment: ... -supplies/

Please remember to support your local suppliers.
  • You get expert, local advice.
  • Hands on browsing and returns (within reason) of supplies
  • No shipping delays
  • Your new bees will be transported by knowledgeable beekeepers and won't be subjected to the whims of shippers who know nothing about bees (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  • You'll be handed healthy bees and a replacement queen if needed.
  • If you ordered a queen, she will have been shipped in a queen bank, full of bees caring for her constantly.
Here's how getting bees works:. We hope to do some zooms on installing bees.
  • Place your order NOW. (bees can easily sell out by mid March)
  • Decide what you want - nuc, package, queen - and type of bee - Italian, Carniolan, Russian, mutt. Some suppliers and Harlequin's also sell mesh bags for your package or nuc.
  • Contact the supplier to order, pay, and get an estimate or actual date of delivery.
  • RESERVE THAT DAY! All of it! Bees absolutely cannot be held for later pickup. They are not a big screen TV or a box of fruit. They need you to come get them, take them home and take care of them. Otherwise they'll be sold to the first person on the waiting list.
  • Pick up your bees on time and drive them straight home and install them in your hive. New beekeepers too often blow it right here. Do not go shopping, not even for bee supplies. Drivers and bees will be cranky. This is NOT the time to ask questions. Get your bees and GO! Straight home.
  • Install your bees in their hive (which you assembled, painted and set up last week, right?).
  • Feed them.
Now, you can have that coffee, or beer.

Kristina Williams
BCBA President

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