Fight the Mite Varroa Management

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Fight the Mite Varroa Management

Post by kristinahoney » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:01 pm

These are two hour classes and will be taught at my house in S. Boulder. The class size limit is 15 students. The cost will be $40/class. If there are fewer than 4 students registered, then the class may be cancelled. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

SPECIAL OFFER: If your bees are/will be within a two mile radius flight distance from my bees, you can attend the Fight the Mite Varroa Class for FREE. This is how concerned/committed I am about varroa's effect on honey bee health and the importance of a neighborhood approach to managing it! Please let me know if you're coming.

Before you can keep bees (alive) you have to have a varroa management plan! The varroa/virus complex is the #1 cause of colony death!
>Varroa biology
>Varroa as a vector of bee viruses
>What varroa does to bees
>>>This is CCD!
>Your responsibilities
>Ways of testing for varroa
>Treatment options - IPM, organic, synthetic
>Myths and realities of varroa resistance
The April varroa classes are a little earlier than other classes so we have some daylight time with the bees.
Thurs 6 April 6-8 pm
Thurs 13 April 6-8 pm
More info on my website ... t-the-mite
Hope to see you this spring!
Kristina Williams
Boulder, CO
Beehave LLC - mentoring and support for bees and their keepers.

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