CSBA 2017 Summer Meeting and Banquet

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CSBA 2017 Summer Meeting and Banquet

Post by kristinahoney » Sat May 20, 2017 8:08 pm

Hi Beekeepers
Here is the announcement for the Colorado State Beekeepers Association Summer Meeting and related festivities. It's a great opportunity to learn about bees and exchange information with beekeepers across the state. As a CSBA board member, I'll be there somewhere. I hope to see lots of us there too!
Kristina Williams
BCBA Board member

CSBA summer bee college

High Country Bee

Greetings from your president, Ed Colby:

Looking forward to seeing you at the June 9-10 meeting in New Castle, Silt, and Rifle! You can now register at http://coloradobeekeepers.org/summer-be ... -2017.html We would appreciate it if you would register online, so we can get an advance head count. It really helps with planning.

We have some $85 rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn Express in Silt if you book at least a week in advance. 970-876-5100, and tell them you’re a beekeeper.

Friday, June 9 at 4 p.m. we have a cookout and potluck at Colby Farm, between New Castle and Silt at 6765 County Rd. 214, New Castle 81647. If you have camp chairs, bring ‘em! We’ll be serving succulent burgers provided to us by Jem, who only last summer contentedly chewed his cud in the orchard. Bring anything else you’d like to throw on the grill. Same with drinks. We’ll have soda pop on hand. For beer and strong drink, it’s BYO.

Directions: From the East: At New Castle, turn off I-70, go left at the stop sign by the shopping center. Continue west, parallel to I-70, on Main St., which is also Highway 6 and basically the only street in town. From the bridge at the west end of town, continue 1.3 miles on Highway 6 to the Peach Valley Rd., AKA County Rd. 214. This is a Y in the road. Go right. Continue for .4 miles. We're on the right, tattered Tibetan prayer flags on the gate, little white house with the blue roof at the end of a long oval driveway.

From the West: At Silt, turn off I-70. Take a right at the traffic circle. Keep heading east, parallel to I-70, on Highway 6. Continue about 4 miles to Ware Lane. Go left. Continue about .5 miles, until Ware Lane ends. Go right onto the Peach Valley Rd. (County Rd. 214.) You’re really close now! Go past the apple orchard on the left. Ours is the next property on the left.

Folks who plan to camp here should come early. Just head up the driveway, and we’ll find you a spot. If you’re just coming for the cookout, we’d appreciate it if you’d park along the county road. We don’t have a lot of traffic. It’ll be fine.

We meet in Rifle bright and early the next morning, Sat., June 10, at the Garfield County Fairgrounds. Registration starts at 8, and we’ll get underway at 8:45. Speakers include our own Don Studinski, explaining Certified Naturally Grown” beekeeping, and Kansas Honey Producers president Greg Swob, who will talk about his project to train our combat vets to farm and keep bees.

Our headliner is University of Minnesota doctoral candidate Katie Lee who will discuss and demonstrate testing for hygienic behavior in honey bees. She’ll give a separate talk on the Bee Informed Partnership, in which she plays a leading role, and which provides support for commercial, sideline and backyard beekeepers. Katie studies under her mentor, MacArthur fellow and patron saint of beekeeping Dr. Marla Spivak. Katie invented the sugar shake technique for mite testing.

And we’ll have a general business meeting.

We’ll have a catered lunch at the fairgrounds, then retire to Paul Limbach’s bee yard in Silt. Don’t forget your veil! The big draw here will be Katie Lee’s hygienic behavior testing demonstration, but in addition, you’ll get to learn how to monitor for Varroa mites using the sugar shake and alcohol wash techniques, how to light a smoker, how to identify chalk brood, American foulbrood (AFB), and European Foulbrood (EFB). At the same time, Carolina Nyarady will be running her master beekeeper students through their paces.

The Garfield County Fairgrounds are located on the west side of Railroad Avenue in Rifle. From I-70, Just head north down Railroad, the town main drag, and you can’t miss the fairgrounds on the left.

Paul’s address is 5945 County Rd. 346, Silt, CO 81652.To get there from Rifle, head east on I-70 and turn off right away at the airport exit. But instead of turning right to the airport, go straight ahead on County Rd. 346. You’ll be paralleling I-70, heading east. In two or three miles the road makes a 90-degree bend to the left, and that’s where Paul and Nanci live.

Whew! After all that learning, you should be hungry! The 7 p.m. Beekeepers’ Banquet will be at the same location it was last year, in New Castle. Formerly Maud’s on Main; it's now the Burning Mountain Bakery and Deli. Cory cooks each course of her three-course dinners using local varietal honeys. Your choices for the main course are citrus carne asada, sockeye salmon, and vegetarian roasted root vegetables, and there will be honeybee-shaped dessert pastries! She is going all out for this, and she can cook! $45 includes tip. Because she has no liquor license, you can bring your own. Thirty is all the seating available in this very small venue. First come, first served. Sign up now if you want to attend! We always turn people away. http://coloradobeekeepers.org/2017-beek ... nquet.html
The Burning Mountain Bakery and Deli is located on the north side of Main St. in New Castle, in the same block as the liquor store that advertises “Coldest beer in the West!”
Drinks at 6 p.m. at the Black Dog Saloon, across the street from the Burning Mountain. Everyone welcome, whether you attend the banquet or not! And they serve great burgers!
See you soon!
As always,
Thank you for being a member.
Ed Colby
CSBA President

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