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National Western Stock Show 2018

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:13 pm
by kristinahoney
Howdy Beekeepers!
The 2018 National Western Stock Show will take place from January 6 - 21. The Boulder County Beekeepers Association has provided an educational booth since 1977. It features a live observation hive, hive products, beautiful informative posters, literature and of course knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteer staff. We really need and appreciate your help. This gives us a unique opportunity to talk with thousands of people about bees. Public outreach helps us all with a wide variety of human interactions with bees — municipal ordinances about bees, neighbor relations, planting pollinator forage, pesticides, purchase of honey and other bee products, and general good will and support for honey bees and other pollinators.
Please consider signing up for a shift here Beginning beekeepers, don’t worry that you don’t know enough. You know lots more than the crowds that are just walking by, and your enthusiasm is infectious! BCBA will cover general admission and parking. Feel free to visit other parts of the NWSS outside of your time slot. There’s a lot to see from draft mules to stock dog trials to unbelievably goofy-looking poultry! You can buy additional tickets and see the schedule on their website
See ya 'round, Pardner
Kristina Williams
BCBA Board member