BCBA Board job descriptions

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BCBA Board job descriptions

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Draft Roles and Responsibilities

BCBA Board has four officers and 2 or 3 board members. The Board ordinarily meets every other month on the first Wed, in addition to regularly attending bi-monthly member meetings on alternat first Wed. The entire board is expected to attend board meetings and member meetings. Absence from 3 total may result in a member being voted off the board.
A position on the Board enables you to take an active role in shaping the heart and soul of our organization! Asa board member you can head up a commitee and round up members to help. Member involvement is what makes an organization great. You are BCBA!

The Board
  • Governs the Association
  • Represents the interests of the association membership
  • Advises the President in all matters related to policy, procedure, or programs
  • Proposes changes to Association bi-laws
  • Participates in one or more committees
  • Organizes the year’s agenda
  • Sets the budget; provides financial oversight and ensures adequate resources for the Association
  • Plans, assists, and produces programs
  • Takes direction from officers; volunteers for assignments
  • Attempts to resolve conflict
  • Addresses any business brought before the Board
The officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  • Provides leadership and direction to BCBA
  • Calls and presides at all meetings
  • Presides at Board meetings
  • Appoints and has oversight of all committees
Vice President
  • In the absence of the president, exercises all functions and has same authority
  • Assists the President as required
  • With the Treasurer, maintains a list of all paid members
  • Has charge of all Association documents
  • Keeps records of meeting minutes
  • Takes attendance at business meetings
  • Reports as required by the Association
  • Has charge of the funds of the Association
  • Accredits all accounts of the Association; maintains complete records of finances
  • Conducts its banking business
    • Deposits funds received in checking account
    • Has authority to sign checks for routine operating expenses up to $500; has authority with president over routine expenses over $500
  • Provides financial information to Board necessary to approve budget and ensure adequate resources for Association

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