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Bees and Supplies 2019

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:51 am
by kristinahoney
Local brokers of packages and nucs as well as equipment suppliers will be at BCBA's Feb/Mar meetings.
If you go to the Colorado State Beekeepers website,, there's a list of everyone (who sends me their info) selling packages and nucs and sometimes queens. What's up there now is for 2018, but the vendor info is there.
If you're just getting into beekeeping, realize that beekeeping is quite a commitment these days and definitely not like our grandparents (or parents) did it. Try to take a good class, find a good book, find a mentor, and come to BCBA meetings! Again, lots of resources available on the CSBA website,
If you've lost your bees and are looking to start again, please figure out what happened to your bees before you get new ones or you're likely to have a repeat, and you may be spreading those problems to hives in your 2 mile radius.
Kristina Williams