National Western Stock Show 2019

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National Western Stock Show 2019

Post by kristinahoney » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:29 am

Howdy Bee Wranglers!,
The 2019 National Western Stock Show will take place from January 12-27. The Boulder County Beekeepers Association provides a beekeepers’ booth, which gives us an incredible opportunity to talk with thousands of people about the incredible honey bee. Public outreach helps us all with a wide variety of human interactions with bees — municipal ordinances about bees, neighbors planting pollinator forage, applications of pesticides, purchase of honey and other bee products, and general good will and support for honey bees and other pollinators.

Please consider signing up for a shift here: ... 0-national

It’s so much fun to go to the Stock Show, plus you get to share your knowledge and passion for the honey bee with anyone who walks by. Beginning beekeepers, don’t worry that you don’t know enough. You know lots more than the crowds that are just walking by, and your enthusiasm is infectious — sign up!. You can use this link to sign up, change shifts, check when your friends are working. Please try to stick to your shift so we don't have to scramble at the last minute to cover holes. Thanks for stepping up, and for being part of our greater beekeeping and agricultural community.

Since this is an educational booth, we have tickets to cover your general admission. Before or after your shift you can visit the rest of the stock show. You can find the schedule here in case you want to see sheep dog trials or weird looking poultry. Along with being an educational booth, we're prohibited from doing or displaying anything remotely commercial or that doesn't have to do with bees. So, no sales, business cards, advertising or displays of your wares, or petitions please. Bee clubs may display their club cards and we'll have the CSBA Why join a bee club? flyers that have a space on the back for a club info sticker. (There's also a stipulation that no drones are allowed, but we're assuming that queens and workers are okay. ; )

See you there pardners!
The BCBA Officers and Board

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