Nov 2019 High Country Bee/CSBA

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Nov 2019 High Country Bee/CSBA

Post by kristinahoney » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:54 pm

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CSBA High Country Bee
Greetings from your vice president:
Happy Beeks!
A great time was had by all at the CSBA Winter Meeting this weekend. We had a lot of fun reconnecting at the meet-and-greet Friday evening, and then learned a lot on Saturday. I learned a lot about AFB, phages, and vaccines, about bees and elephants, and queens and chemicals in beeswax. Really fascinating stuff!
One of our members had the great idea to put a honey bee on the tails of Frontier's airplanes, and he is already at work contacting the right people, with great suggestions from those who volunteered to be on his committee. If you'd like to help, know the right people, or could help with art work, please let me know, and I'll put you in touch. We are also making progress with our scholarship idea from the summer meeting, thanks to Ronda Koski.
What I wanted to let you know about today (in case you were unlucky enough to miss the meeting) is that our Master Beekeeper Program Journeyman Level is gearing up for quick progress this winter. Each month I will announce the topic for the month. Journeyman Level participants have the option to complete the relevant Guided Study, and participate in the online class later in the month. This will give us all the motivation needed to get going, and as we complete the Guided Studies we'll gain knowledge so that we can ask intelligent questions of the speaker. This month's topic is Over-wintering. Our speaker is Dr. Dewey Caron. He is moving back to Bolivia for the winter, so I'll be recording his presentation this morning, and we'll get him online for the Q & A in about two weeks. If you have been procrastinating about signing up for the Master Beekeeper Program, get it in gear! All of our speakers will be of this caliber, people like Tom Seeley, Meghan Milbrath, Ramesh Sagili. Looking forward to hearing from you. T
As always,
Thank you for being a member.

Tina Sebestyen
Vice President
[email protected]

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