Spring 2020 Beginning Beekeeping Classes

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Spring 2020 Beginning Beekeeping Classes

Post by kristinahoney » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:36 am

Spring 2020
Beginning Beekeeping is NOT for Dummies

What makes this class better than others?
* There's a hands on apiary session with real live bees!
* I've been working with bees and students for over 35 years and have a solid background in both.
* I stay up to date, reading trade and scientific journals, attending bee meetings, talking to other beekeepers

Choice of dates and formats -see my website

The focus of the class will be understanding bees and beekeeping in Colorado so that you'll have a scaffold on which to hang new information and a foundation for evaluation and problem solving. I want to get you and your bees through the first year and point you toward what you'll need for years 2-5. Here are the topics we'll cover with opportunities for questions:

>Bee biology - worker-queen-drone development, functions, nutrition, genetics, behavior
>Apiary setup
>Equipment for you and your bees
>Starting with a package, nuc, swarm
>How to work with your bees
>Pests, predators, parasites, diseases common to Colorado
>VARROA mites
>You and your bees through the seasons in Colorado

In addition, as part of the class, we'll have a HANDS ON APIARY SESSION at my house in spring when the weather is good for working bees.
**This class will be especially helpful for those who have lost their bees and want to try again.**
For more details visit my website beehavementoring.com
Kristina Williams

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