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Next Meeting Wed, Mar 4 at the Grange

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:33 pm
by kristinahoney
We will have a members meeting on Wed, March 4, 7-9 pm at the Lefthand Grange in Niwot to iron out some things together.
  • We will redo all the nominations because several people have withdrawn. There will be no campaigning at the meeting. You must be present and paid up at this meeting to nominate or be nominated. A person may accept a nomination for one and only one position.
  • We will ask for an election coordinator from the membership who is not on the current board and who is not a nominee. This person will record the nominees, solicit election statements from nominees, assemble those statements, and email them to the members directly and post them to the Forum, and will collect, verify, and tally votes and communicate results to the members directly. These communications will not appear on the listserv.
  • I will explain the voting options and the reasoning behind each: paper hand-in ballots, mail-in ballots, online voting through Election Runner.
  • Votes must be cast and received by 9pm on April 1, the date of the following meeting.
  • I will address the consequences of hostility among members and others and ask for possible solutions.
  • There will be a presentation having to do with, get ready, BEES!
Hope to see you there!