BCBA Mtg - Tom Theobold on his Two Queen Management System

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BCBA Mtg - Tom Theobold on his Two Queen Management System

Post by kristinahoney » Mon Feb 15, 2021 6:34 pm

Well, it's been a while, but we're having a Zoom meeting on Wednesday 17 February!
I know this is short notice, but you'll be watching from the comfort of your own home (assuming your pipes haven't burst). We have what I think will be a very special presentation.
Tom' s Two Queen Management System

Tom Theobold of Niwot Honey Farm has agreed to let us in on his famous (really!) 2 queen hive management system. Tom founded the BCBA many years ago and has a wealth of knowledge about bees and beekeeping, not only with honey bees, but more recently with our native mason bees. He still makes the most beautiful hand dipped pure beeswax candles to be had anywhere. We sell bushels of them at the Harlequin's Gardens Holiday Market every year, and, as usual, Tom will be teaching our mason bee class in March. Please join us in Zoom-land for this special event!

Just click on this link at 7pm and Zoom should load up for you! It's easy.
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7866876211?pw ... JcXFZUT09

Here are a few tips for using Zoom:
  • We'll mute everyone but Tom and the hosts.
  • You can choose whether to show yourself in the video feed, but if we have issues with quality, we may ask volunteers to shut themselves down.
  • Remember that your feed is going out to everyone who's watching. Please wear your Zoom uniforms (presentable attire from the waist up).
  • If you have questions for Tom, please submit them in the Q&A. One of the hosts will ask the questions of Tom at the and he'll answer. Otherwise, it will just sound like a huge flock of geese that has just spotted a coyote.
  • If you want to chit-chat back and forth among yourselves, or have technical issues, put those in the Chat. (Thanks to Mary Ellen for helping us with this part!)
  • If you navigate away from the meeting, you may have to go back and re-click the link.
Wow, I'm looking forward to this!

We're also entering into a zoom-share with the Mile Hive Bee Club in Denver to bring in more speakers that we wouldn't be able to get as individual bee groups. Stay tuned and keep warm.

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