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Next Meeting 5 Feb at the Grange

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:32 am
by kristinahoney
Thank you everyone who's signed up for a slot at the National Western Stock Show! BCBA has filled about 1/4 of the slots. About 1/4 of the slots are still open, so you still have a chance to participate! It's not too late! You can still be one of the cool kids! This is a huge effort on our part and one of our major expenses.

We're going to do something a little different with early spring meetings this year. Nominations will take place at our February meeting as usual. Voting will be online at least 30 days later, according to the bylaws. This will give all members a chance to vote, rather than having to attend a meeting on a certain day at a certain time in order to cast a vote. You must be a paid up member to vote!
The meetings will fall on more convenient months: May is a very busy season for beekeepers, and we can avoid having to move the schedule around the Independence and Labor Day holidays.
It will also let us space the spring meetings out to accommodate more seasonal topics.
Historically, the two meetings back to back were the only meetings of the year and the main purpose other than voting was to be a able to put your pin on the spray map - literally poke the little thing in to a paper map and then write your name and phone number on a secret tablet. Phil Bradbury still has it and my pins are still on there from the 80s! Anyway, that was eliminated long ago and we now have Google, the Internet, email, cell phones, and a largely suburban county.
One of my goals as a board member and president has been to modernize our association and accommodate our larger and more hobby oriented membership. We need to keep up with the world of beekeeping and become more user friendly to the next generation of beekeepers.

5 Feb meeting at the Lefthand Grange in Niwot. 7-9pm Miles has negotiated a reduced rate for us. Thanks Miles! We're working on parking.
1) Nominations and brief stump speeches.
2) Brief highlights of American Beekeeping Federation Conference, American Honey Producers Association.
3) Bee vendors are being invited to set up sales tables and talk to members individually.
4) You must be a 2020 paid up member to vote! Please bring a check or cash to renew your membership or mail a check to Engrid using the form on the our website, Remember that you can get a nice discount on the print versions of American Bee Journal (which I highly recommend) and Bee Culture (has a new editor so hopefully will improve).

1 April meeting at the Grange (no joke).
1) Swarm list sign up and swarm etiquette
2) Package/nuc installation basics.
3) Management options for overwintered colonies (after a pat on the back!)

Next meetings
3 June
5 Aug

That's it for now! See you in Feb.
Kristina and the BCBA Board