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Beekeeping Webinars and Zooms

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:18 am
by kristinahoney
Join us this week for another great session in BIP's webinar series!

What Can Pollen Tell Us?
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 12pm EDT/9am PDT

Habitat and forage quality have emerged as critical factors influencing the health of honey bee colonies. The nutritional status of bees influences their susceptibility to disease and their resistance to other stressors. Understanding the ebbs and flows of resources availability in the landscape can help beekeepers identify the needs and challenges their colonies are facing. In addition, as bees forage from their environment, they can pick up pollutants from various sources and bring them back to the colony. Monitoring for colony contamination can inform us about potential contaminants found in honey, pollen, bees and wax, as well as provide a picture of the contamination present in the surrounding environment. In 2019, BIP conducted an exploratory study looking at the potential to use trapped pollen from honey bee colonies as a means to: 1) look at the presence of heavy metals in the environment, 2) assess the degree to which the available pollen was able to meet colony nutritional needs, and 3) use laboratory techniques to assess pollen richness and diversity throughout the bloom period. This project was supported by funding from The James M. Cox Foundation. Register here. ... HrO0g2z69i!

Note: Webinar will be recorded.