More on neonicotinoids in Australia

“In Australia neonicotinoids are everywhere. In my opinion Australian Beekeepers are being used as a massive field test on neonicotinoids. Australia is a worldwide excuse for insecticide companies who are blaming Varroa mite for bee colony collapse overseas and claiming that Australian bees are healthy. Given the present situation of most beekeepers in Australia, this is not only a joke but an insult. The only winners here are the pesticide corporations, making a mockery of your present hardship.”

-Jeffrey Gibbs

The above quote by Australian beekeeper Jeffrey Gibbs is from this article, Neonicotinoids in Australia, in The Australasian Beekeeper.  Australia has been touted by the chemical companies as a success story. It turns out that Australia has not escaped the devastating effects of  this family of pesticides and the story there is the same as in every country where the neonics have been used.

  • 50% annual losses
  • coated seeds
  • habitat and water contamination
  • immune system problems
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