More Zombie Fly nonsense

The reason the so-called Zombie Flies are being found in larger numbers in honey bee colonies, if indeed they even are, is likely a direct consequence of the widespread environmental damage being caused by the systemic pesticides. The primary host for the Phorid fly is bumblebees, and there has been a precipitous decline in bumblebee populations with the advent of the systemics, for some species of bumblebees, approaching extinction. As I said when this story originally broke, we have a parasitic fly that has lost its primary host and is struggling to survive, and what is left out there for it? Why the honey bee of course, and the only reason they remain is because of the efforts of beekeepers, otherwise they would be gone too. The Phorid fly is not a cause of honey bee losses as the megacorps tried to spin it, but one more symptom of an environmental collapse.that is still going unadressed.

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