New podcast series: Pollinators and Power by Terry Oxford


Pollinators and Power, new podcast by Terry Oxford, click through to listen

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Perhaps best known as the San Francisco rooftop beekeeper, Terry Oxford has also been a tireless campaigner for neonicotinoid-free trees for the major tree plantings planned for San Francisco. Her interests have expanded to the propagation of native bees, mason bees and leafcutter bees. As an advocate for the health of bees and the environment, Terry has recently begun a series of podcasts. The first two are linked below and I will be posting subsequent podcasts as they are completed.

The first is an interview with Dave Goulson, a leading voice on the worldwide environmental damages being wrought by the neonicotinoids.

The second is an interview with Stacy Malkan of  U.S. Right To Know. Stacy is an informed and articulate voice on the corporate manipulation of science and  the media, and what she has to say bears directly on the capture of the beekeeper seat on the Colorado Department of Agriculture Pesticide Advisory Committee and the creation of the Colorado Professional Beekeepers Association, both engineered by Bayer CropLife to divide and confuse beekeepers and divert attention away from the devastation of neonics. I encourage you to take  the time  to listen to both of  these excellent interviews.

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