Nineteen year half-life

Christian Krupke asked if I could provide the reference for the statements we have been making about the 19 year half-life of clothiaidin. I knew I had seen it, not just imagined it, but it took some searching to find it again.Here it is. Start with the highlighted passage at page 26 of the document (lower left of the screen), then scroll down following the actual document pages 27, 28, 30, 40, 41, 45. 47. 48.

The available data on clothianidin shows that the compound is relatively persistent to very persistent under most circumstances. Clothianidin is stable to hydrolysis at all pH’s at environmental temperatures, moderately to highly stable under aerobic soil metabolism conditions (halflives range from 148 to 6,900 days) …

The date of this document is 2005. The chemical companies and the regulators have known from the beginning what the hazards were and they have remained silent while the damage ensued.

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