Pollinators and Power: Graham White interviewed by Terry Oxford

Click to listen to Graham White interviewed by Terry Oxford at Pollinators and Power podcast.

Once again, I find it  unnecessary to add much to Terry Oxford’s preface to this interview with Graham White.

This is an important interview and Terry was the only one with the foresight to record Graham’s thoughts before we lost him. Anyone trying to understand the pesticide wars that have been forced upon us must listen to it. Graham had an encyclopedic memory and he covers the pesticide wars, and the history of the neonicotinoids in great detail. While I was a party to many of the incidents he relates, even I learned many details that have escaped my memory.

I would encourage all of you to visit Terry’s site, Pollinators and Power, Urban Bee San Francisco. where you will find a number of other powerful interviews.

Graham White of the UK was the most intelligent and outspoken soldier for pollinators and nature.  He was the most well-researched, well read and well rounded honeybee advocate who knew everything about the chemical industry’s control of our food system.  In this interview Graham speaks about the history of chemical agriculture, how the pest control industry took control of the Honeybee Associations in the US, Canada, the UK and the EU and why all you hear from Beekeeping Associations is a deafening silence about pesticides. He also outs the Entomologists from Public Universities for their cozy, ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with the chemical corporations who have infinite money to spend.  

Graham passed away this year.  Graham was my very wise friend.  I learned a lot from him in hours long calls.  We talked about the corruption of our food system and official Bayer/Monsanto enablers like COLOSS, BIP and Project Apis M.  Toward the end of his life I asked if we could start recording our calls.  I wished I’d done it sooner. I have two interviews and the 2nd one is coming soon.  I don’t know if anyone had such a reservoir of information on the poison industry.  Graham is sorely missed. – Terry Oxford

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