Pulling Honey

Many of you will be taking your honey off soon. I stumbled across this video this afternoon and thought some of you would find it interesting and informative. We did several of these videos for the Maria Rogers Oral History Program about 15 or 20 years ago. This is typical of what pulling honey would be for  medium size beekeeping operation. Before the high colony losses put me out of business a typical harvest would have been several tons of premium table honey.

For any of you who have a sideline operation, a pickup truck and are tiring of lifting all of your supers, Boom Boom the Iron Man (the lift at the end of the video) is for sale since I no longer have  a use for it.

These videos should all be on the internet, go to the Boulder Public Library’s YouTube channel and search for Tom Theobald.  The MROHP interviews are currently located within the Oral History Interviews Playlist.  There are 5 covering all aspects of a year of beekeeping, 

This video is particularly poignant for me because Barbara is in it, before ovarian cancer took her away and left a huge hole in my life and my heart.


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