South Carolina bee kill no accident

The bee kill in South Carolina is getting a lot of press, and in most stories is being characterized as “an accident.”

This was no accident. Naled is an organophosphate. It is highly toxic to bees. Aerial application is the worst kind of delivery system and it looks like it was done during daylight. This was no accident. They knew exactly what they were doing. And if they didn’t, the decision makers should be relieved of their responsibilities for incompetence.

We’ve had these kinds of kills repeatedly, year after year, all over the country, not always the same chemicals, always the same excuses. And at least according to this story, an “oops we’re sorry” is all the beekeepers and the environment get for significant and costly destruction.

If any of you are interviewed about this because you are beekeepers don’t let yourselves be led into the “it was an accident” excuse.

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