Terry Ingram roundup

Terry Ingram, 58 year beekeeper and publisher of the Small Beekeepers Journal is back in the news, this time over the alleged theft of his colonies by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. For some time Terry has been concerned that glyphosate, RoundUp, is killing his bees. Two years ago I circulated an article he had written explaining those concerns. If this subject interests you, read the article on Blue Planet Almanac and watch the video.

My question is whether we’re in a police state. I hope we’re not going that way but sometimes I wonder. That’s the first time I feel my rights have really been violated. As a citizen of this state I am not pleased. – Terry Ingram

Ingram, who believes his bees were illegally confiscated by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, was interviewed last week on The Organic View Radio Show.

Update… Here are the links to the original four part article:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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