Honeybee swarm in tree

Swarming is a natural part of the honeybee reproductive cycle. If you’re lucky enough to see a swarm-in-progress, or to find one in a bush or tree, please call your local swarm hotline to connect with a beekeeper willing to collect it.

Boulder County Swarm Hotline: 1-844-779-2337

Denver Metro Swarm Hotline: 1-844-779-2337

Northern Colorado Swarm Hotline: 1-844-779-2337
(Berthoud, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland)

Feral colony attached to a house near South Boulder Road

Feral colony attached to a house near S. Boulder Road

For bee removal from a building or structure:

  • Tim Brod 303-514-9257
  • Miles McGaughey 720-771-4304
  • Marcia Skaro 303-437-8932
  • Bob Thayer 303-717-1010
  • JoAnn Vigil 303-775-5639

Note: A swarm that has started to colonize a building or structure is trickier to remove than one that hasn’t, and removal will require the services of an experienced beekeeper.