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Boulder County Fair Parade

Photographs by Doyen Mitchell.

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From Our Lands To Your Hands

Photographed by Doyen Mitchell. Read the article at <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Times Call</a>

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Sunflowers and the Rockies

Photographed by Doyen Mitchell in early August 2010 in eastern Boulder County.

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2010 Boulder County Fair

Photographed by Doyen Mitchell.

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2009 Boulder County Fair

Photographed by Doyen Mitchell.

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Spring 2008

Photographed by Jeff Osgood. Submitted by Brenda Gallagher.

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Beehives destroyed by bears near the Mt. Sanitas trailhead

Photographed and told by Nancy McGuire. \"I have included several photos of the destruction that we awoke to this morning, September 25, 2008. In the middle of the night we awoke to a commotion outside and our dogs barking. We did not know what was going on. My husband went to check and found nothing… We are renters. The owner keeps three beehives on the property. This house backs up to open space and is adjacent to the trailhead for Mt. Sanitas. I could see out the back window that the beehives had been demolished. We called the owner. Soon thereafter three professional beekeepers showed up to put the hives back together. They commented that a pheromone that smells like bananas had been released and the situation was somewhat dangerous as the bees were very “angry.” The owner is currently purchasing an electric bear fence to keep the bears away. The professional beekeepers suggested that I contact your organization in order to put the word out that bears are attacking beehives.\"

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Owl pix

Photographed by Phillip Bradbury at Isabelle & 111th in Lafayette, Colorado on July 24th, 2008.

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Traveling BCBA honey spirit award

Photographed by Phillip Bradbury at the February 2008 meeting. Doyen Mitchell in the back; Ruth McGaughey, age 12 in the gray shirt; Ann McGaughey, age 9 in red shirt; and Karen McGaughey.

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2008 National Western Stock Show

Photographed by Phillip Bradbury.

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Elk Mountain Fire

Photographed by Sammy Dallal for the Daily Camera, Laura Tyler and Andy Schwarz. Close call!

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2006 big snow

Photographed by Laura Tyler and Andy Schwarz.

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Squirrel house

Photographed and told by Tom Theobald. \"I took them last April. The bees overflowed the capacity of the squirrel house the year before and drew comb out on the \'porch.\'\"

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Owl house

Photographed by Laura Tyler.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Photographed and told by Phillip Bradbury. \"I was up in Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday. We hiked the trail to Cub Lake. The trailhead is at 8080 feet and the lake is at 8620 feet. Along the way I spotted her...\"

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Feral colony attached to a house near South Boulder Road

Photographed by Andy Schwarz.

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