Honeybee swarm in tree

Swarming is a natural part of the honeybee reproductive cycle. If you’re lucky enough to see a swarm-in-progress, or to find one in a bush or tree, please call your local swarm hotline to connect with a beekeeper happy to collect it.

Boulder County Swarm Hotline: 1-844-779-2337 Extension 3 or direct at 970-213-3099 (Beth Conrey)
Denver Metro Swarm Hotline: 1-844-779-2337 Extension 1
Northern Colorado Swarm Hotline: 1-844-779-2337 Extension 6
(Berthoud, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland)

CSBA Swarm Hotline
The statewide CSBA swarm hotline number is 1-844-SPY-BEES. Boulder County swarm calls will be sent to Beth Conrey who will route them to BCBA members on the swarm list.

Beth Conrey is our Dispatcher. She will route the calls by proximity. Expect swarm calls from April 15 (few swarm calls) to a few more calls every day by May 1; 15-40 calls/day from May 15 through June 15.

To-do List for swarm catchers:

  • Join a bee club. You must be a member of a CSBA-associated club to be on the call list. Please note that these swarms are intended for club members’ use only; selling swarms is not permitted.
  • Sign onto the BCBA swarm catcher list.
  • Bee prepared and have necessary equipment: Veil and gloves, box and tape, vacuum, extension cords, ladder, brush, clippers, sugar water, extension pole, bucket. Bee suits/jackets mandatory.
  • Prepare hives in advance to accept the swarm.

The swarm catcher’s responsibilities include:

  • Give accurate phone #s and availability times
  • Do not over-commit!
  • Mandatory follow-up call to Beth to verify swarm has been taken care of.


Feral colony attached to a house near South Boulder Road

Feral colony attached to a house near S. Boulder Road

For bee removal from a building or structure:

  • Miles McGaughey 720-771-4304
  • Chad Street Bees and Trees 720-357-1646

Note: Honey bees that have started to colonize within a building or structure are far more difficult to remove than a swarm and removal will require the services of an experienced beekeeper. There is a fee for this service. The beekeepers on this list are licensed and insured.