A compilation of evidence from the UK

This is evidence submitted to the British House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee on the systemic pesticides. It is encyclopedic and will take some time to wade through, but the Brits are several steps ahead of us in ferreting out the evidence and addressing the failures in risk assessment. It takes time to read and absorb what is being presented here, but there is some very important information and it is worth the time if you hope to come to any understanding of what is going on.

Start wih Rosemary Mason’s Insects and Insecticides but don’t stop there. She covers just about all of the controversy. Of special interest is her critique of the Cresswell Paper and the misuse of Hill’s Criteria in an attempt to dismiss the role of systemics in bee losses. This is particularly pertinent to us since Dennis vanEnglesdorp was one of the authors of this paper.

This isn’t easy, but some of us must try to understand or we are done for. These mega corporations have legions of paid employees working against us. While the focus is the UK, Rosemary has much to say about the conduct of the United States EPA.

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