Are we winning?

I’m not quite ready to declare any victories, but the EU Report, Existing Scientific Evidence of the Effects of Neonicotinoids on Bees sent to me by Dr. Henk Tennekes certainly represents a significant change in the perception of the problem.

It will be interesting to see how, or if, the EPA factors this into their handling of the neonicotinoids. Their response to criticisms raised in the Earth Focus documentary was “If, at any time during the reevaluation, the science indicates that neonicotinoid pesticides used according to the label instructions are not meeting the protection standards of FIFRA the EPA will take the necessary regulatory action.” This is a long string of weasel words providing for multiple opportunities for rationalization and evasion, but even with that it will be difficult for the EPA to dismiss the questions raised here without being seen as even more of an embarassment than they already are

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