It’s getting personal

Honeybee Colonies Continue to Collapse, an article by BCBA member Don Studinski.

The girls knew they were in trouble and provided a place where a new queen could have been raised, but none had become “cells” and none looked anything like a new queen had emerged. This is a pattern 35-year veteran beekeeper, Tom Theobald, has been seeing for years in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Tom told me, “This sounds like it may be the break in the brood cycle I discovered in 2007, which I theorize is coming from stored corn pollen containing neonicotinoids. The queen stops laying viable brood about the 3rd week in September and the brood that is fed the pollen may die also. When the summer bees die there is a rapid decline in the population.”

Read the whole story with photo illustrations at Organic Landscape Design.

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