Runaround: three months of correspondence with the EPA

This air pollution story, Runaround: Three Months of Correspondence with the EPA, sounds all too familiar. We have seen the same thing in the pesticide arena. If they had thrown up this shield in 2010 do you think the leaked memo would ever have seen the light of day?

They have secreted themselves behind an administrative wall of their own creation and it appears that nobody (read congress) is prepared to exercise any intelligent management over this conduct.

The worker bees don’t throw up these delays and obstacles because they are inherently evil, but because they are being instructed to by an EPA management that is corrupt if not criminal.

The EPA is in the bunker and EPA management is determined that nobody will find out anything about anything because it would reveal their failures. If congress is not equally corrupted it should demonstrate this with some action to remove the miscreants and change these evasive tactics. The public and the environment are ill-served by all of them.

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