Saga of bee losses is a very human story

Ultimately, the ongoing saga of bee losses and environmental poisoning is a very human story. Two follow: the first, an audio interview with Davey Hackenberg on Dadant’s Beekeeping Today Podcast.  Dave senior was raised on a dairy and started the honey business when he was still in high school. Davey is the second generation, struggling to keep the family business alive.

The second is an interview with Jeff Anderson, head of another multi-generational beekeeping operation, California-Minnesota Honey Farms:  Bees and Beekeepers Feel the Sting of Trump Administration’s Anti-Science Efforts. These are heartbreaking stories that demand our attention and our action.

Davey Hackenberg

Click through to hear Davey Hackenberg, son of David Hackenberg interviewed by Beekeeping Today Podcast

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