West Nile pesticide Permethrin is dangerous to our community

Came upon this article from the Fort Collins paper when looking for something else.

Last week, we received an automated phone call notifying us that spraying for West Nile using a neurotoxin called Permethrin would be occurring. We were warned to close windows, stay indoors, cover up our gardens and bring pets inside. As many of our gardens are large, we did not have the materials or time available due to the short notice to protect our chemical-free plants, which are now contaminated. It is frustrating to think of all the people, pets, apples, plums, pears, raspberries, nectarines and peaches, the urban chickens and bees, and the vegetable gardens around town that have been exposed to this chemical without consent. According to the EPA, Permethrin is a known carcinogen …

Read the full letter in the Coloradoan.

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